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3 Important Techniques to Inform SEO Strategy in 2016

As the year 2015 comes closer to the end, search marketers should already be planning their SEO and online marketing strategies for the coming year. Following information from the past and trends predicted for the future, the following techniques will be useful for SEO in 2016, and perhaps even after.

  1. Resource allocation towards mobile SEO

The journey toward mobile responsiveness finally culminated this year with Google’s release of its mobile-friendly algorithm. For a long time, there has been a steady decline in the usage of laptops and personal computers for internet access, and instead, a greater demand for mobile devices of all kinds.

This shift has made a crucial case for realignment of web design and development strategy to incorporate mobile responsiveness. By 2014 in the US, 60% of internet traffic to sites originated from mobile devices.

This creates an immediate need to make mobile SEO a priority at the point of strategy development. Not only should this be done for site design, but rather for every aspect of the SEI strategy.

  1. Use of long-tail keywords and sentence-based search

Internet users are no longer searching for generalized generic terms in their queries, opting instead for more specific, longer phrases that will bring them the right pool of information to get them much closer to their purchasing decision. In fact, as voice search becomes more popular, this is also going to be abandoned in favor of complete questions, such like common speech.

As it stands, chances that a site will rank for generic terms are very slim given the high level of competition at that level. Businesses will be better served by targeting long-tail keywords and full sentence queries, which will bring a smaller but more targeted audience to your site – these are the important ones, since they are at an advanced stage in the buying cycle and are more likely to lead to conversions.

  1. Include SEO in other digital marketing strategies

SEO alone, while highly effective, is insufficient to maximize the potential of your online presence. You have other tools in your digital marketing arsenal that you can use alongside SEO for a more rounded and effective online marketing strategy.

For one, social media has become an important part of any digital marketing campaign and is increasingly important for SEO purposes as well. Social media has empowered the consumer, which is why social signals increase search engines’ and consumers’ trust in a brand.

Effective SEO must take advantage of this massive pool of social consumers – close to a billion active users spending 20 minutes on Facebook daily or higher – for business gain. Integration will provide a synergistic effect, allowing the brand to emerge from the online scene much stronger and hence attracting a greater pool of target consumers. Content strategy is also another helpful candidate for integration, as previously discussed.