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2 Best SEO Techniques for 2016 and Beyond

It is no secret that SEO efforts are pivotal to improving search rankings and hence a site’s organic traffic. The last few years have seen a consistent evolution in the profiles, trends, preferences and demographics of most target markets, which in turn brought the need for accompanying changes in the SEO techniques applied.

Even so, there are techniques that still remain effective and timeless, regardless of the year. Apply these techniques to your strategy and witness ongoing success in your traffic, lead generation and conversion rates.

  1. Use your target audience data to inform SEO

Keyword data and research into intent has been a pivotal part of marketing strategy development. However, as SEO continuously evolves in its purpose and methodology, there has emerged a shift towards integration of SEO strategies with the more traditional approaches.

Quantitative data can be used to identify popular search topics, particularly regarding the factors that inform their purchasing decisions. In addition, SEO can be used to develop a higher understanding of the competition and comparative advantages brands enjoy within their niches and hence leverage the information to influence consumer purchasing decisions.

SEO of the future will be more multi-dimensional, integrating behavioral theory with the more fundamental and technical processes to inform strategy development.

  1. Content strategy should be aligned with SEO strategy

Keywords still have an important role to play in increasing a site’s chances of being located and ranked for particular queries in this vast World Wide Web. However, an SEO strategy that is solely based on and informed by keyword research will be futile in the coming years. It is one thing to be found, and yet another to be applicable.

The future belongs to those who focus on both being found and being relevant – this will encourage your target audience to stay. If keyword strategy is not aligned with the content strategy, the former will become completely useless for SEO purposes.

Effective SEO is that which combines high quality content with other SEO techniques to create a unique and memorable user experience for site visitors. Content strategy for B2Bs and B2Cs is primarily made up of blog posts and other web content. To align this to SEO, the best place to start is at content creation. This content may then be promoted using SEO techniques to increase online visibility and enhance its value for consumers.